We proudly work with churches and organizations across the country.

The Craft of Faith is recognized for the strength and originality of its Sunday school lesson plans and Bible crafts. We've seen time and time again the struggles some churches have when planning and getting material for their Sunday school programs.

If they plan and produce themselves, they produce incredible, high-quality Sunday school crafts and Christian education, but the time and funds required for designing, purchasing, assembling, accounting and storage quickly become a drain.

Online printable lessons and crafts are much easier and cheaper, but just aren't exciting.

Buying mass-produced crafts by the gross is economical, but quality from overseas factories is inconsistent and a gamble, at best.

How can they get the detail and care of a community member while maintaining the ease of retail purchase, all the while trusting that promises will be delivered on?

Welcome to the Craft of Faith. We're proudly in the USA and maintain close ties with our local production facility. Our crafts are high-quality, whether for a home bible study group or a thriving church. We developed lesson plans and crafts based on our favorite scripture, so everything is already perfectly linked. No more trying to find scripture that matches a craft.

Are you interested in large or custom order crafts and lesson plans?

Contact our coordinator at kevin@thecraftoffaith.com for details, or use the contact form below.