04 reasons for the craft of faith

Because Scripture isn't only for Sunday

Christianity exists in so many forms and facets of life today that it's become easier and easier to participate in a relationship with God far-removed from His written word. We hear the words and solemnly consider their meaning, and how it may affect our lives, and then how many of us pick up the Bible during that week? Do you feel guilty if you don't?

Well, you shouldn't! This is the beauty of the Craft of Faith. We can dedicate an hour or two to instructing a child, teaching him or her the scripture that comes with each craft, and then we practice patience and cooperation. I can certainly tell you that reading the Bible daily may feel like a chore at some point, and seeing scripture memes on social media feels like the diet soda version of being Christian, but finding an interactive, enjoyable moment to reflect on God is my rejuvenation.

When we teach something, we learn more ourselves

How many times have you said, "I hadn't thought about it like that before.?" Probably more than a few, right? Each time that was a new way of thinking about something you were already familiar with. Teach someone a skill, and they may reveal to you a new approach to a task. Knowledge is never transferred just down a one way street. See what you can learn.

I know I prefer to use the Craft of Faith as gifts to people because it's not a material gift, despite the fact it comes in a box. It's a gift of communication. Craft of Faithers often start around 4 or 5, just when their language skills really begin to flourish.

It is our duty to live in God's way

What is faith? Belief? Faith is so much more than believing in God. It's a gift of motivation and fortitude of spirit. It's waking up in the morning and facing the day with strength and calm. It's enduring the ups and downs of life with poise and confidence, because we know that God is here for us. Faith is such a gift that Matthew 4:19 speaks of God's wish for us to come to Him, as well as His wish for us to spread His word to others.

β€œCome, follow Me,” Jesus said, β€œand I will make you fishers of men.”

The Craft of Faith is a great way to start a conversation with children about what it means to love God. This topic is hard for a lot of children, and many have difficulty in grasping what it means to be a Christian. Just as stories in the Bible may be parables for our modern daily lives, the crafts in the Craft of Faith are parables for what faith is and means.

We must also inspire others with our faith

This is the culmination of everything we do as Christians. By living true to God, we encourage others to follow the path of devotion and light. It is never with a grudge that we donate our time and effort in service to others. Living like this requires patience. It isn't easy. The ones who believe we are foolish for dedicating our lives to Christianity are the ones I feel for the most, because they never had a guiding mentor to show them that the easiest way to defeat reluctance is with faith, and there is little more empowering than accomplishment.

And we all help and lean on each other. If a task requires patience, or cooperation, or care, if it is one worth doing, and one worth helping someone.

"Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it."

Proverbs 2:26

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The Craft of Faith

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For many parents, starting the conversation about God is a difficult and confusing task. Where to start?? With the Craft of Faith, we guide you on the path to teach
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