Matthew 6:33: Part Two

After you’ve helped them understand the idea of ‘worrying’, read what Jesus says in Matthew 6:25-32. Ask them, “How does worry help us? Does it solve any problems? How might it even make our problems worse?”

Talk through the way worry and fear can paralyze us and keep us from doing anything – even the right thing. At this point, you might want to share how the worry you mentioned earlier impacted you. Tell them how your worry failed to help you and how, instead, it simply led to more fear and anxiety. Once you’ve established the uselessness of worry, follow Jesus’ example by pointing them in the direction of God’s grace.

If you’ll notice, Jesus reminded his hearers that God takes care of his people. He illustrated his point by noting the way that the birds and grass are taken care of, even though they don’t build barns or sew clothes. God takes care of all of us.

And since God so cares for and provides for the rest of nature, certainly he’ll provide for us.

At this point, it might be a good idea to bring your child outside and have them note the many ways that God is taking care of us – even now.

Spend a few minutes thinking of some ways. Be imaginative. Be silly. Be thankful.

He’s keeping the sun shining, he allows the rain to fall so that plants can grow, he gives us fresh air to breathe, so many uncountable things.

If you see any animals, remind your child of the ways that God cares for them. Get them engaged by asking lots of questions and letting them explore. Give this a good amount of time, then bring your child (and yourself!) back to Matthew 6:33.

Our primary responsibility is to serve God and put his Kingdom first. God will take care of the worries and the fears and the anxieties.

If we will make him the priority, he will take care of the rest.

His power and love give us confidence that we can trust him to take care of us no matter what comes our way. You can finish this lesson by asking your child to brainstorm some ways that they can put God first.

Prayer, Bible reading and memorization, service to others, showing love, and many more ideas can be shared.

But don’t just talk about it.

Make plans to begin putting God and his Kingdom first. He’ll take care of everything else.

Let Matthew 6:33 be your meditation this week.

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