How does Jesus reveal God's love?

As you teach the verse, Luke 3:22, to your children, begin by asking them to describe themselves. What words define them? Are they smart? Kind? Then, ask them to describe you. Don’t be surprised at what they may say. After you’ve talked a little bit about how we can describe people, tell them that the deepest description of ourselves is our character. Then, shift the conversation to God. Ask, what words we can use to describe God? What is God’s character? After you’ve gone over some possibilities, focus in on the idea of love. You might even want to read 1 John 4:7-9.

Once you have established the fact that God is love, ask them how Jesus reveals God’s love. You see, God was not satisfied simply loving within himself. He wants to share that love with his creatures – you and me. When Jesus came, he came to reveal God’s love to the fullest. Ask your children how Jesus does this. What were some of the things that Jesus did to show God’s love? Highlight his healing ministry, his words, and ultimately, his death on the cross.

From beginning to end, Jesus’s ministry communicated God’s love. And the love that the Father had for the Son – and spoke about in this verse - is the same love that he wants to share with us.

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