How can we worship God for being a stable rock?

It’s important to communicate this truth to your children: the way we understand God has a huge impact on how we relate to him. After you read this verse to your children, ask them how David describes God. Note the different words he uses. Ask them, based on their knowledge of David’s life, how God had shown himself in those ways to David. You may even want to look back at some of the stories about David and read how God was a rock, a fortress, and a deliverer (see 1 Samuel 17 for the story of David and Goliath).

Once you’ve established how this verse worked in David’s life, bring it home. Ask your child how God has revealed himself in your lives. At this point, you might want to bring up an experience that you’ve had - this could be especially effective if the event involves your child. Talk about how God has revealed himself as one who is stable, who protects, and who delivers.

After you spent some time reflecting on how God has revealed himself, ask your child how we should respond to the God who protects and delivers. How should his actions lead us to worship? How can we worship God for being a stable rock? A fortress? A deliverer? Our salvation?

Explore the ways in which we can honor God just as David did through this Psalm. The possibilities are truly endless.

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