Was Eve really Adam's "helper" ?

All people have a need for human connection. It's easy to see. Just look at how God created a ‘helper’ for Adam. This word, ‘helper’, that scripture uses to refer to Eve, may be a little strange at first, but we just have to remember how literal the Bible can be.

Helped does not mean someone who is inferior. In fact, a number of Old Testament passages actually use this same word to talk about how God was Israel’s ‘helper.’ A ‘helper’ in the Old Testament comes alongside someone and helps him accomplish the things he needs to accomplish. This relationship is not one-sided. It implies a mutually loving, service-filled relationship.

If there's anyone we can count on to help us, whether we ask or not, is our family.

Have your child reflect on ways that he/she has needed help in the past. What are some things they’ve done that they haven’t been able to accomplish alone? Did anyone help them? How did it feel to have someone come alongside and provide that extra needed help? This is the value of a loving marriage. Together, we are able to do more than we would’ve been able to accomplish alone.

This idea is further strengthened by the fact that Genesis describes Adam and Eve as “one.” They are no longer on their own. They’ve been united. This is an important aspect of marriage to stress with your children. Husbands and wives don’t make decisions all on their own. They work together. And they help one another become everything God has called them to be, together

As you close, ask your child how a husband and wife could act as one. What are some ways that this oneness could be cultivated? Explore the uniqueness of the marriage relationship by meditating on what it really means for two to become one.

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