Featured Craft: Jacob's Ladder


One of my favorite stories from the Bible is from the Book of Genesis, specifically chapter 28 verses 10-22. This craft is based on the story of Jacob, the son of Isaac. He has a dream about a stairway that goes into Heaven. Above the stairway, there is God, who promises Jacob that all of his descendants will spread throughout the Earth and will be blessed.

I love this because it is a great way to explain to children how much God loves people. It also helps us to explain that there is a path to God, shown to us by God, and all we have to do is follow the good and righteous path and we will have a blessed life. The parables of Genesis are sometimes complex, but others, such as this, are a perfect introduction for young children to the promise of God and a Christian life.

In this craft, children will assemble a ladder up to Heaven, complete with angels and a soft cotton cloud to represent His Kingdom. Hang it in your child's room or on a wall next to family photos so every day it will remind of the righteous path and promise of God.

Be blessed!

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