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  • Matthew 6 33 part two

    After you’ve helped them understand the idea of ‘worrying’, read what Jesus says in Matthew 6:25-32. Ask them, “How does worry help us? Does it solve any problems? How might it even make our problems worse?”
  • Are you stressed? Can God help you? How to explain worry to a Child

    It’s been said that the Bible is shallow enough for a child to wade into it but deep enough for a scholar to drown in. What does that mean? The Bible can be approached in many different ways, and in many different depths. We can get just a taste, or we can also dive right in. It's that powerful.
  • Do I have to? Thought of Memorizing Scripture: Proverbs 15:13 Part 2

    Earlier this week, we spoke about how to help a child understand Proverbs 15:13. To read our introduction, click here. Now, we continue. The step...
  • Proverbs cover life's important issues.

    Every proverb recorded in the Old Testament book of Proverbs is like a tiny seed, just waiting to take root in our lives and bear fruit. 

  • How to Teach the Psalms to Children

    How to Teach the Psalms to Children
  • Helping Your Child Fall in Love with Genesis, Part 1

    Helping Your Child Fall in Love With Genesis Any good author will tell you that the beginning of a story is one of its most important parts. The b...
  • Helping Your Child Fall In Love with Genesis, Part 2

    Empathy and understanding come hand in hand when you walk in another's...
  • Free Verse Coloring Page!

    We've just added another free coloring page to help get you into the Christmas spirit. Download and print below!
  • Word of the Week: Love

    Love is one of the most central themes at what it means to be a Christian. Jesus is quoted as saying “By this all will know ...
  • Word of the Week: Hope

    It is often so hard to feel strength when the minor (and major) hiccups and speed bumps of life throw us for a loop. Obstacles ...
  • What's in the Craft of Faith?

    The Craft of Faith is a bible box for kids! It's a family activity during which your family can sit down, make bible crafts, and...
  • Word of the Week: Faith

    What is faith? Belief? Faith is so much more than believing in God. It's a gift of motivation and fortitude of spirit. It's waking up in the morning and facing the day with strength and calm. It's enduring...